Distribution Skids – Standard & Custom Designs
PreVUE® and APEX™ Systems from Evoqua Water Treatment

Pre-manufactured, completely integrated and automated water purification systems.

Features and advantages:

  • Pre-manufactured skids.
  • Integrated Controls and Human Machine Interface (HMI).
  • Single-skid design.
  • Includes proven technologies: RO and CEDI.
  • Apex™ System has a Hot Water Sanitizable alternative.
Puritas™ VRx Systems from Evoqua Water Treatment

Hot Water Sanitizable system built on a standardized platform for the production of compendial water. Designed to reduce microbial growth with an all stainless steel tubing and chlorine injection at the front of the skid.

Features and advantages:

  • Chlorinated break tank to reduce microbial growth.
  • Energy efficient design.
  • Integrated cost saving features.
  • Low water and power consumption.
  • Easy installation and start-up.
  • Three selectable operational modes.
EPV™ Systems from Evoqua Water Treatment

An Economical, Pre-Packaged, Validatable High Purity Water System that meets the most common quantity and quality requirements for Laboratory, BioPharm and Medical markets. Skid-mounted system that includes pretreatment, make-up water, storage and distribution equipment.

Features and advantages:

  • Multiple configurations.
  • Easy installation, skid-mounted.
  • Variety of flow rates.
  • Pre-manufactured systems.
  • Meets these water requirements:
    • USP Purified Water
    • CAP I
    • ASTM I
    • 18.2 MΩ-cm resistivity
S3™ Systems from Evoqua Water Treatment

The S3™ is a revolutionary system that consists of a Sanitize, Start, Stop process. The design allows for less water and energy consumption. The system’s Sanitize process provides superior microbial control.

Features and advantages:

  • Compact design.
  • Uses less water and energy.
  • Extends the life of system components.
  • Reduces the need for system consumables.
  • Reduces wastewater.