Laboratory Water Systems

We offer a range of water purification systems and services designed for pharmaceutical, clinical, academic, industrial, research, and government laboratories — from simple routine washing and rinsing to ultrapure for the most critical science and analytical applications. We also offer compact water purification systems, which occupy minimal space and ensure bacterial control and uninterrupted workflow. They are constructed with the highest quality components and built-in economical processes to ensure the lowest consumable costs with the highest water quality and precision. We offer several options designed to meet your laboratory water needs.

    • Advanced water purification system that delivers high quality water for critical biological and analytical applications.
  • PURELAB® Classic
    • This water polishing system is a practical alternative for general biological and analytical applications.
    • Light, space-saving water system that delivers ultrapure water from a pretreated feed source for challenging laboratory applications.
  • PURELAB® Option-Q
    • Compact water purifiers that produce ultrapure water without the need of a pretreated feed source.
  • PURELAB® Prima 30/60/90/120
    • Reverse Osmosis System that delivers high quality water from a tap feed.
    • Low energy consumption, which makes it ideal for greater water volume requirements.
    • Wall mountable high flow system that delivers up to 18.2 MΩ quality water.
  • MEDICA® 7/15
    • Space-saving water system that delivers high quality water for chemistry and immune-diagnostic analyzers using in-line microfiltration technologies.
  • MEDICA® Pro 30/60/120
    • Compact design that combines DI purification, RO, UV photo oxidation, ultra-microfiltration technologies and an integral 50 liter storage reservoir.
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  • PURELAB® Option-S
    • Water purifiers that produce better than single distilled quality water from a potable water source while incorporating pretreatment, RO, and ionic/organic removal in a single unit.
  • PURELAB® Option-R
    • These water purifiers use a potable water source and all the technologies of the S series with an added integral recirculation feature to produce better than double distilled quality water.
  • MEDICA® R-200
    • Water system designed to deliver a purified water supply by incorporating storage, purification and distribution in a single unit.
    • Ideal for high volume clinical analyzers and laboratories with multiple analyzers.
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  • PURELAB® Prima 7/15/20
    • Reverse Osmosis system that provides a constant supply of Type III pretreated quality water.
    • Best for pretreatment to ultrapure water polishers or for glassware washing.
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  • CENTRA® S/R 200
    • Water system that combines purification, storage and distribution to deliver Type I, II and III water. Great for all research laboratory applications.
  • CENTRA® R 60-120
    • Delivers Type II and III water, which makes it ideal for general laboratory applications.
    • Supplies high purity water throughout a building of laboratories through a loop system, which makes it highly flexible and reliable.
    • Delivers type I, II and III water, which makes it ideal for a variety of applications.
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