Other Services
Water Analysis

Before you can choose the right technologies to produce the level of water quality that you need, it is important to know what is in your water. We offer complete testing services to determine the appropriate system components to meet your application needs. We conduct a variety of tests designed to analyze your water for all applications, including pharmaceuticals, high-purity water, laboratory, pretreatment, and existing plants troubleshooting.

Field Technical Services

Global Services Equipment & Parts offers a variety of service options to take the worry and expense out of water system maintenance. In addition, we offer customizable service contracts tailored to your system, your availability, and your needs; all to help you maintain optimum water quality.  We can offer Preventive Maintenance contracts, system troubleshooting, water studies, and system evaluations.

How we can help

From assessments to operations & maintenance, we customize each solution to your requirements, maximize efficiency, and provide sustainable performance of your water treatment system.

  • Long-term efficiency
  • High quality standards & reliability
  • Achieve the highest environmental standards
  • Health and Safety compliance
We have a service team that has vast experience working with water

Our team includes field service engineers and field service technicians that have been working with water treatment through all markets providing solutions to our customer’s needs.

Resin Testing

To ensure optimum performance from your water treatment system, we recommend testing your ion exchange resin every once in a while. We conduct resin testing on an external laboratory that delivers prompt and accurate results and interpretation of results that are easy to understand. These results can help determine the quality of your resin, ensures optimum performance of your water treatment system and may help you to diagnose any operating problem.

We can perform the following tests:

  • Percent moisture
  • Iron fouling
  • Capacity before/after clean up steps
  • Microscopic visual examination
  • Ion Chromatography for Both Routine Anion Analysis in Water and Special Analytical Needs
  • Metal Analysis by AA (Atomic Absorption) and ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) Spectroscopy
  • Moisture Analysis of Resin by Microwave Drying
  • Resin Particle Sizing
  • Spectrophotometric Equipment
  • TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
  • Wet Chemical Methods