Wastewater Treatment Systems

Once water has served its industrial purposes, it must be treated to be reused, to enter the public utility wastewater treatment process or to return to the environment by also meeting environmental & regulatory requirements. Because of this increased focus on water conservation, companies are evaluating new technologies and integrated solutions to reduce water consumption.

Water reuse and Water reclaim are an important component of wise water management. It is an element used to extend potable water reserves and reduce operational cost. We provide quality products and systems to manage and treat wastewater along the entire length of the treatment process.

Unique designs, proven technologies and innovative integrated operations can provide creative solutions that result in significant operational cost savings and greater regulatory compliance.

Cooling towers treatment
Biological treatment
Clarifier performance
Air diffusers
Microfiltration system for drinking water
Microfiltration system for boilers
Landscaping irrigation
Leverage a complete set of solutions from one provider
Reduce discharge by increasing reuse opportunities
Treat and clean severely impaired water
Improve uptime while reducing maintenance time and costs.